Umar Sandhu Jai Lava Kusa Review

Umar Sandhu gives Jai lava kusa review

Umar Sandhu gives Jai lava kusa review

Umar Sandhu is the person who also gives reviews about the latest upcoming films. Umar Sindhu is the indianreporter in Dubai. He also paticipates in the censor board office of Dubai. That’s the reason, before everyone watch the film, Umar Sandhu watches the film and give his review. Though sometimes his reviews are completely wrong, many beleive on his reviews. Recently Umar Sandhu gives Jai lava kusa review.

Jai Lava Kusa which is screened in Dubai is watched by Umar Sandhu. Hence, he gave his review, saying this would be one of the best film in NTR’s career. He says, none other than NTR could perform the character so well. Furthermore, he says this movie will definitely entertain everyone to the fullest. With this review of Umar Sandhu, NTR fans are very happy. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the movie on screens.

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