Tuesday, October 26, 2021
HomelatestUnlike KCR, CBN taking his own time to announce candidates

Unlike KCR, CBN taking his own time to announce candidates


Everything between the two States of Andhra Pradesh and their statesmen CBN and KCR is in a competition round the clock. If anyone between these two does a thing, the other tries to overshadow it by repeating the same thing in even grand scale. When it comes to Politics, each of these has different approaches and attitudes.

chandrababu naidu and kcr

KCR recently declared that he is going to announce his party candidates who are contesting for the upcoming elections. For KCR, he trusts this strategy such that the Opposition would be irked and start concentrating on their candidates as a competition by ignoring the most important campaigning. In this issue, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu follows a complete contradicting strategy. He always announces his members just a few days prior to the last date of filing the nominations. This would make his opponents scratch their heads in order to select the right opponents for TDP’s competitor. This time too, unlike KCR, CBN has decided to take his own time in deciding the candidates. Doesn’t matter even if the elections get preponed, Babu would announce the names only a month before the nominations.

ap cm and telangana cm
For KCR, it became very easy as most of the candidates are already sitting MLAs and only a few leaders who carried more complaints in the happened term will be executed. Coming to the TDP, CBN has to balance the leaders in all the regions and castes according to the reservations. However, the sources close to the TDP camp reveal that CBN is likely to announce the first forty names of his candidates for the constitutions where his opposition won in 2014.


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