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HomelatestUS Police Arrests The Man Who Ate People’s Hearts!

US Police Arrests The Man Who Ate People’s Hearts!

US Police Arrests The Man Who Ate People Hearts

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Many of us might not be knowing the name ‘Mohammad Jabbateh’. The Liberian born is a rare example of an animal living among the people. There hasn’t been a crime that he has not committed. Right from sexual abuse, drug trafficking, human trafficking, murders, rapes, possessing illegal weapons, smuggling, Jabbateh has committed many crimes during his time in Liberia. A woman said in the court, ‘he murdered my husband and my brother-in-law. Later he ordered me to cook their hearts’.

He is often termed as ‘Jungle Jabbateh’. The Liberian war criminal was arrested on the charges of seeking illegal immigration. Seeking asylum, Jabbateh entered the US in 1998. He greatly relied on paperwork and in interviews and made his way to the US.

He was arrested in Philadelphia by the local authorities. The authorities stated that his arrest was made on the charges of lying at the time of seeking asylum. He stated that he has never involved/a part of any crime in the past. US Attorney Zane David Memeger said that “this defendant has committed unspeakable crimes in his home country, brutalizing numerous innocent victims’.Jabbateh could face sentence up to 30 years in prison If charges of perjury and fraud against him are proven.

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