User timestamps for videos will soon be tagged by X


Users will soon be able to tag timestamps for videos on X.

X, previously known as Twitter, is set to introduce a “timestamp tagging” feature for videos, as indicated by a screenshot shared by Andrea Conway, a designer at X. This feature will enable users to attach specific timestamps to descriptions in their posts, enabling viewers to easily navigate to specific moments within a video.

plans to display timestamps while a video is playing

Conway didn’t provide a specific timeline for the public rollout of the feature or whether it will be exclusive to X Premium subscribers. In response to user feedback, Conway mentioned that there are plans to display timestamps while a video is playing, not just when users are scrubbing through the video on mobile devices. She also clarified that, at least initially, timestamps will only link to posts or replies containing a single video attachment.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, expressed his focus on enhancing X Pro for power users. In response to a user’s query about a feature to check for shadowbanning and the reasons for it, Musk highlighted its high priority. Musk also mentioned the improvement of immersive video on X, encouraging users to swipe up for the next video.

Notably, Conway recently introduced the ability to sort posts by “Most recent,” “Most liked,” or “Most engaged with.” Earlier in the month, X announced that paid subscribers could choose to hide their checkmarks on accounts. However, the checkmark might still appear in certain places, potentially indicating an active subscription.

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