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HomelatestUttam’s Attack On TRS Became The Talk Of Telangana Politics

Uttam’s Attack On TRS Became The Talk Of Telangana Politics

The TPCC Supreme Uttam Kumar Reddy is trying his best to counter KCR as the snap polls are approaching the State. His recent comments on the TRS Chief is creating buzz among the Political circles of Telangana. Generally, KCR and his son KTR uses the anti-AP, AP Settlers type of trump cards to provoke the voters to get votes for the TRS party.

KCR is banking on the Telangana

Even for the upcoming early polls of Telangana, KCR is banking on the Telangana sentiment and asked people to vote for TRS which completely belong to Telangana than Mahakutami’s parties which have roots in Andhra Pradesh. Now Uttam used the same attack to corner KCR in his yesterday’s Press meet. Uttam claimed that KCR looted Telangana and its funds more than AP leaders in the past. According to Uttam, KCR’s family are enjoying the benefits of separate Telangana.

TPCC Chief accused KCR

Not stopping there, the TPCC Chief accused KCR of failing to aid the families of Telangana martyrs even after five years of becoming the CM. Not stopping there, Uttam claimed that TRS is still trying to cheat people for the upcoming five years and asked the voters to wake up in order to know the facts. Amidst KCR’s sharp comments on Mahakutami and its leaders like CBN, Revanth and Uttam in his speeches, only Uttam is countering hard on KCR with his Political experience.

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