Friday, October 22, 2021
HomelatestVanteru Pratap's Serious Allegations On KCR

Vanteru Pratap’s Serious Allegations On KCR

Vanteru Pratap who is the opposition member to KCR in Gajwel has made some serious and shocking allegations on him which have drawn the attention of all the political parties. Vanteru Pratap has alleged that the stacks of money have been stored in KCR’s Erravelli farmhouse. He has even gone to the chief electoral officer and has given a written complaint on this. Vanteru Pratap has expressed his anguish and questioned why no one is conducting the raids on KCR’s farmhouse.

Vanteru Pratap's Serious Allegations On KCR

Vanteru Pratap has also made some serious allegations saying that his phone has been tapped by the ruling party and his moves have been observed closely. He also made a point that the civil police have been deployed to observe his movements round the clock. Vanteru Pratap has shown his anger by complaining that even the officials and police personnel have been working for the political gains of KCR.Vanteru Pratap has even threated to sacrifice his life in front of the returning officer if the officials and the police won’t change their way in the coming days.

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