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Veedevadu… Telugu Bullet Review

Veedevadu Telugu Bullet Review

Veedevadu Telugu Bullet Review:

Actors: Sachiin Goshi, Isha Gupta, Prabhu, Kishore
Producer: Raina Sachiin Goshi
Direction: Tatineni Satya
Music Director: Thaman SS
Cinematography: Binendra Menon

5 movies released on this Friday. ‘Ungarala Rambabu’, ‘Srivalli’, ‘Kathalo Rajakumari’, ‘Sarasudu’, ‘Veedevadu’ movies. In these 5 movies, ‘Veedevadu’ movie came without any expectations. Sachin Goshi who always get flops in Telugu tried a new experiment. So let’s see how this unexpected movie result is…?


Satya(Sachiin) who is a Kabaddi player will love a big shot girl Sruthi(Isha Gupta). He will marry Sruthi with acceptance of her father. But Satya will charge for his wife death on first. Did Satya killed his wife Sruthi…? Or someone else is there behind Sruthi death…? Does Satya will be out of the case or not…? is rest of the story ‘Veedevadu’ movie.


The audience though ‘Veedevadu’ movie is a time pass movie as it is the combination of director Tatineni Satya and Sachin Goshi. But with first scene the audience will get exited for the movie. The movie starts with heroine death on her first night and the hero goes to jail will grab the audience attention. As it is suspense thriller but Sachiin friend Srinivas Reddy and jail authority Vennela Kishore will play the comedy. The story twist with the murder attempt on Satya who is in jail. The scene which reveals the person who attempt murder on Satya, pre-climax where the last half an hour of the movie grab the audience seat and the climax is a big shock.

The director Tatineni Satya mixed the crime in love story with suspense elements which made the story, story stretch run well. Sachiin had the confidence on the story, so he accepted this movie. But in some place Sachiin should be improvise in the acting. Anyways, because of Sachiin accepting this movie, so half of the success share in the ‘Veedevadu’ movie will be Sachiin, as he accepted this movie. Finally, this movie seems to be success by coming out without any expectations.

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: ‘Veedevadu’… Looks good…

Telugu Bullet Review: 3/5

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