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Venkatesh in Another Remake

Venkatesh in Another Remake

Venky is one of the four star heroes of Tollywood. Venkatesh is the star from nearly two decades and continues to be the star hero. Venkatesh is very special in selecting the stories. Unlike other heroes, he is showing interest in the different zonal films that suits his age. He is interested in doing different kinds of images, such as ‘Guru’.

The remake movies are been super hit If Venkatesh’s career so far. Recently, Gopala Gopala and Guru are also remakes and now he is ready for another remake soon. According to the information, the latest release of Bollywood’s Hindi medium is to be remake in Telugu. Director Nandini Reddy started the script work to remake the film with the title ‘Telugu Medium’.

It is interesting to see whether Venky gives green signal to this film or not. There were several reports in the past that Venky is considering some remake films but none of them were actually materialised. We have to wait for some more time to know whether ‘Telugu Medium’ will materialise or not.

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