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Vijay Daring To compete with Tamil Superstar

The youth icon Vijay Devarakonda is pinning huge hopes on his upcoming release Dear Comrade. Unfortunately, a huge star is competing with VD this time in two regions.

The hero is none other than the talented and hardworking charming hero Suriya. This Ghajini fame who earned a decent fanbase in the two Telugu states is coming up with his upcoming release NGK which got amazing buzz already in Tamil. Makers of this flick are releasing the flick on 31st May in Tamil and Telugu versions at the same time. This is a huge hurdle for the hero Vijay who is releasing his flick Dear Comrade in Telugu and Tamil on the same release day to that of NGK. Interestingly, both these flicks have common points like student politics, action and love drama. However, Suriya for his star power will dominate VD in Tamil and his decent market in the two Telugu States would also be a headache for Dear Comrade’s Telugu version. One has to wait and see if VD crosses this Suriya barrier and ends up scoring hits in the two regions.

Dear Comrade is directed by newcomer Bharat Kamma and bankrolled by Yash Rangineni. Mythri Movie Makers are presenting and releasing this flick on 31st May. Justin Prabhakaran has scored the music and background.

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