Unknown Facts about Vijay Deverakonda Remuneration


At a recent press conference for his upcoming film “Family Star,” Vijay Deverakonda offered some surprising honesty about his acting salaries. He revealed that in his early film roles, his Vijay Deverakonda remuneration was very low, comparing it to “peanuts.” Things only started looking up financially after his movie “Kushi.”

Vijay went on to advise newcomers to the industry not to get hung up on Vijay Deverakonda remuneration at first. He emphasizes that building a career is more important, and suggests they grab any opportunities that come their way. He also clarified a past comment about supporting new directors, explaining that he doesn’t intend to exclusively work with them, as that wouldn’t be fair to other actors.

Family Star release date is on April 5th. It will face some stiff competition from the already successful “Tillu Square,” which has already grossed over 60 crores worldwide. The box office battle between these two films will be interesting to watch next weekend!


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