Vijay Deverakonda speaks out against “Liger’s” failure


Regarding the failure of “Liger,” Vijay Deverakonda speaks up

Vijay Deverakonda, the acclaimed actor, has garnered positive feedback for the trailer of his upcoming multilingual film ‘Kushi’. He recently spoke about the box-office disappointment of his Bollywood debut ‘Liger’.

vijay deverakonda speaks out against "liger's" failure
My aspiration is always directed towards creative pursuits

During the trailer launch of ‘Kushi’, Vijay shared that ‘Liger’ isn’t his first encounter with failure; he has faced several setbacks in his career, just as he has enjoyed numerous successes.

Vijay expressed to the media, “It’s undeniable that it’s disheartening when a movie doesn’t perform well. I’ve encountered failures before, ‘Liger‘ being just one among them. However, I’ve also tasted success on multiple occasions. In the end, our goal is to convey narratives.”

He emphasized his commitment to storytelling as a creative individual and acknowledged the inherent risks involved in the process. Regardless of these risks, he intends to persistently tell stories and give his utmost effort.

Vijay stated, “My aspiration is always directed towards creative pursuits, and my lifestyle revolves around dedicating myself entirely to them.”


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