Vijaya Deverkonda About Heroes’ Background & Jr.NTR


Vijay Deverkonda about the background:

Recently, a famous journalist Bharadwaj Rangan has interviewed Telugu hero Vijay Deverkonda. So, in the interview, the talk went on the background and heritage in Telugu film industry. Albeit, Vijay Deverakonda answered in his style and he said: “Cinema is a business, no one invests the money easily. So, the producer thinks about his safety and it is not a wrong thing. If he takes the background situated hero, the fans support will be confirmed. So, the movie opening will be good and they will care about the cinema. So, the producers come forward to do movies with those heirs.”

In my case, this is somewhat my luck. In my degree days, I used to spend my days watching films at home. Once, my father reproached me and said don’t waste money. Then, I have angered and said, join me in NewYork film institute. Actually, I had said that just for fun because that was expensive. But, my father has joined me in a theatre group.
Actually, at that time I have not interested in acting and movies. But, I learned acting in the theatre and felt happy with that job. Thus, my interest was built up on films. At that time, my father said, “getting film chance is very difficult than getting civils rank. There are 400 posts every year in civils but there is no guarantee about the acting chance.” But, I have come into the films.

Vijay Deverakonda about Jr.NTR:

He also said about the movie release date issue that releasing the movie nearby Jr.NTR’s Aravinda Sametha release date. He clarified that “Actually, I’m risking to release the movie just before the week of Aravinda Sametha movie. Because, he is a big star, and I have the much loss. Actually, we will release the movie in the time of Dusshera but we have preponed Nota to October 5th. Certainly, there is a far difference between me and Jr.NTR’s movies and his business stamina is 10 times higher than me. Then, how would I competition to Tarak anna? Actually, I have wished to release my movie in the time of Dussehra, but most of the theatres will be going to Aravinda Sametha. However, including this, and due to several reasons, we have preponed it to October 5th and moreover the date was fixed by fans’ poll.”


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