Class X Hindi Paper Leakege: Viral Audio Clip


An audio clip circulated on social media alleging the Class X Hindi Paper Leakege at a government school in Utnoor Mandal. According to the clip, the paper was leaked to aid certain students in passing the exam. The conversation in the clip suggests that answers were distributed to various exam centers with the help of the leaked question paper.

However, officials from the education department suspect that the rumors may have been intentionally spread by a sacked outsourced employee from the Telangana State Minority Residential School (TSMRS) in Utnoor to malign their reputation. While a complaint has been lodged with higher officials, the Utnoor police have not received any formal complaint regarding the alleged leakage.

The incident has raised concerns among education authorities, prompting an investigation into the matter. Despite the absence of a police complaint, education officials are taking the matter seriously and looking into the authenticity of the allegations. If proven true, it could have serious repercussions on the integrity of the examination system, warranting swift action to address the issue and prevent any further leaks in the future.


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