Vishwambhara Update: Chiranjeevi Leads Epic 26-Day Fight Sequence


Vishwambhara Update: Get ready for a jaw-dropping fight scene unlike any seen before in Indian cinema! Chiranjeevi upcoming movie “Vishwambhara” is pulling out all the stops with a massive action sequence that took a whopping 26 days to film.

This epic battle features Chiranjeevi, the film’s lead hero, facing off against a horde of fighters. The scene unfolds against a specially designed set that includes a giant, 54-foot statue of Hanuman, the monkey god.

Behind the scenes, the renowned Ram-Lakshman stunt director duo orchestrated the action, making it a surefire highlight of the film. Chiranjeevi himself dedicated more time to this fight sequence than ever before in his career.

“Vishwambhara” promises to be a larger-than-life experience, blending social themes, fantasy, action, and adventure. The film is directed by Vassistha Mallidi and boasts an impressive crew, including music by Oscar-winner MM Keeravani and cinematography by the legendary Chota K Naidu. Look out for Trisha Krishnan as the leading lady. Produced by UV Creations, Vishwambhara Release date is January 10th, 2025.


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