Sundaram Master Review: A Comedy-Drama with Mixed Results


sundaram master review
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Sundaram Master Review

Harsha Chemudu, aka Viva Harsha, takes the lead in Sundaram Master, a comedy-drama with a mysterious twist. Sundaram Master Released today, the film offers some laughs and a charming cast, but a slow second half and a thin plot hold it back.


Sundar Rao (Harsha) arrives in a remote village as an English teacher, but his mission goes beyond grammar lessons! Watch the movie to find out what secrets he holds and how the villagers react to him.

What’s good:

  • Harsha shines in his debut, delivering funny lines and expressing himself well, just like in his previous work.
  • The film’s first half is full of humor, especially with the funny interactions between Harsha and the villagers. The actors, especially Balakrishna Neelakantapu, do a great job too.

What’s not so good:

  • The story is simple, but the movie could have been more exciting, especially in the second half. It gets a bit slow and loses some of its humor.
  • The emotional scenes in the second half aren’t as strong as they could be.
  • Some characters, like Divya Sripada and Harsha Vardhan, don’t have a big impact on the story.
  • Even cool moments like Harsha convincing Harsha Vardhan feel a bit awkward.
  • Tech stuff:
  • The director tried to make the film fun, but a stronger story and script would have made it better.
  • The music and cinematography are okay, but the editing flows smoothly. The sets are well-made, and the production looks good.

The verdict:

Sundaram Master is an okay comedy-drama. Harsha’s performance and the funny scenes are good, but the thin story, slow pace, and lack of strong emotions in the second half bring it down. You might want to consider other options this weekend.


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