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WhatsApp Gets New Beta Gets Dark Wallpaper

There has to be a time when this finally becomes a reality. Perhaps, this is it. WhatsApp is one step closer to the rollout of the Dark Mode. The latest crumb of information suggests that the newest beta version of WhatsApp includes a new WhatsApp wallpaper perhaps designed to go better with the darker theme. The Dark Mode is very much in vogue with the new Apple iOS 13 and the Google Android 10 operating systems focusing on making the Dark Mode an integral part of the smartphone experience, and most popular third-party apps playing ball. Except the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, thus far.

The good folks at WABetaInfo have discovered that the newest WhatsApp Beta app includes darker wallpapers for chat windows. You will be able to enjoy this spot of darkness if you download the WhatsApp beta 2.19.327 for Android. Earlier, a teal color wallpaper was also discovered in one of the previous beta versions of the app, which could very well be WhatsApp prepping a wider range of wallpapers for the Dark Mode, whenever it arrives.

WhatsApp Gets New Beta Gets Dark Wallpaper

It is perhaps an understatement that the Dark Mode for WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app in the world, is highly anticipated. And it is also a surprise that it has taken this long, considering the fact that its siblings Facebook Messenger and Instagram, both have had the Dark Mode option for a while now. We still do not know if this beta version is the final preparation before the wider release of the Dark Mode option to all users, or we will have more beta tests in the coming weeks. All we can do is hope.

WhatsApp surely has a lot on its plate, because there is the small matter of the battery drain bug on Android phones, particularly certain OnePlus phones as well as Xiaomi and Google Pixel phones, which needs to be patched as well.

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