You Cannot Delete Data From WhatsApp Servers!


WhatsApp Servers Data Cannot Be Deleted

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Adding a new feature, world’s most popular instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ has rolled out a new set of features. One feature has caught the eye of market analysts. Until now, any file shared on WhatsApp used to remain on the WhatsApp servers for 30 days. Post that period, the files used to get deleted automatically and were unavailable for users to download them later.

The latest feature allows the users to download the files, even after the 30-day time period. ‘The files will be available for download even after 30 days. Henceforth, the files will be stored on WhatsApp servers forever. They will not get deleted’, read a statement from the company.

The company stated that few files from the might also be available on their servers. Many WhatsApp users have welcomed the move from WhatsApp, as they need not worry about recovering some important data is lost. While others have raised concerns over data privacy in the light of Cambridge Analytica. It will be interesting to see how Facebook will handle WhatsApp issue.

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