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Why Abhishek Khan is excited about ‘Project 9191’ role

Mumbai, April 3 (Telugu Bullet): Actor Abhishek Khan plays a pivotal role in the thriller web show “Project 9191”, and he said the unusual nature of the story and his role drew him to the project.

The series is about a special team of law enforcers in Mumbai that works towards stopping crimes including kidnapping, extortion, terror threats before they are committed.

“He is not your usual techie, as often portrayed in shows and films. He is not someone who is over-the-top about codes and programming. Johnny as a character is subtle, sober, and kind. I’ve tried my best to keep it away from the cliches we encounter,” Abhishek said.

Directed by Subbu Iyer, the series features Satyajit Sharma, Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, Trishna Mukherjee, and Manini De along with Abhishek, and streams on Sony Liv.


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