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Why Varun Dawan Killed Prabhas…?

Why Varun Dawan Wants To Kill Bahubali Prabhas

Why Varun Dawan Wants To Kill Bahubali Prabhas: After releasing of ‘Bahubali The Beginning’, everyone’s question is ‘why Kattappa killed Bahubali?’ ‘Bahubali 2’ promotion has done with posted Kattappa stabbing Bahubali. There is no need to tell how famous this poster is? As Kattappa stabbing Bahubali and Bahubali raises his hands in the air. Recently, this scene had remade for fun.

From Tollywood, Prabhas and Rana went for the bash organized by Bollywood director Karan Johar at his residence. In that moment, Varun Dawan acted like stabbing Prabhas with Bahubali sword. The stars in the bash captured that scene in their phones. Just have a look at this pic which became viral in social media.


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