Will the world end? One more incident supporting the fact!

Will The World End?The coldest village in the World

Will The World End?The coldest village in the World

Posted January 18, 2018, 6:56 pm at 18:56 

Scientists and researchers have been warning about the impending dangers of a looming global catastrophe. Due to the burning of fossil fuels, and other human activities, global warming becomes a threatening element in the current world. The rise in temperatures is not only causing famines and droughts but also resulted in the increase of cyclones, typhoons and hurricane frequencies. There have been warning of an ice-age too in the recent times. Will the world end? Has become one of the most searched questions on the web.

Bomb cyclone in the US is the best example. With mercury dropping below zero and cities covered in 2 feet thick snow for weeks, people are locking themselves up in their houses. Deaths have been reported due to extremely low temperatures and lack of medical support in the affected areas.

Often referred as the world’s coldest village, Oymyakon in Siberian, has seen jaw-dropping temperatures. While the temperatures are usually below -50C (during winters), they have gone to -62C (record) this time. One can experience saliva and eyelashes to be frozen at this temperature. If the same continues, temperatures in Oymyakon can hit -70C. the village inhabited by 500 locals. The lowest temperature on the earth is -94.7C, recorded in Antarctica, recorded by a NASA satellite in 2013.

Researchers and scientists are pointing the extreme drop on the temperature in Oymyakon as a sign of the beginning of a chain of catastrophic events in the coming future.

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