Yamuna once more flowing above the danger threshold in Delhi


Yamuna once more flows in Delhi above the danger level

The Yamuna River has once again exceeded the danger mark, reaching a water level of 205.35 meters. This occurred at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, and just an hour later, the water level rose to 205.48 meters. The danger level is set at 205.33 meters, indicating that the river is currently flowing 15 centimeters above the danger mark.

yamuna once more flowing above the danger threshold in delhi
the water level was recorded at 205.3 meters

Officials are concerned that the volume of water may increase further due to ongoing rainfall in the hilly regions. On Tuesday night at 8 p.m., the water level was recorded at 205.3 meters, which was slightly below the danger level. However, the continuous rainfall in the hilly areas led to a rise in the river’s water level, causing it to surpass the danger mark.

It’s worth noting that the Yamuna River recently broke a 45-year-old record by reaching its highest level at 208.65 meters on July 13. This led to severe flooding in Delhi, with many low-lying areas submerged and numerous roads inundated.


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