YouTube removes 1.7 mn videos in India for violating its norms in Q3


Google-owned YouTube on Tuesday said that it has removed over 1.7 million videos in India for violating its Community Guidelines in its Q3 report.

In the same period, the streaming platform removed over 5.6 million videos globally for violating its community guidelines.

According to the Community Guidelines Enforcement report, more than 94 percent of these videos were first flagged by machines rather than humans.

Of the videos detected by machines, 36 percent were removed before they received a single view, and 31 percent received between one and 10 views before removal.

More than 67 percent of YouTube’s violent videos were removed before they received more than 10 views. Moreover, YouTube removed over 5 million channels in Q3 2022 for violating their Community Guidelines.

Most of these channels were terminated for violating the company’s spam policies, including misleading metadata or thumbnails, scams, video, and comments spam, said the report.

The video streaming platform removed more than 728 million comments in Q3 2022, the majority of which were spam. More than 99 percent of removed comments were detected automatically, the report added.

YouTube has Community Guidelines that set the rules of the road for what is not allowed on YouTube. The company enforces its policies using a combination of machine learning and human reviewers.


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