YSRC Questions Bhuvaneswari on the Source of Naidu’s Considerable Wealth


YSRC Questions Bhuvaneswari on the Source of Naidu’s Considerable Wealth:

Members of the ruling Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) in the legislative assembly raised concerns on Tuesday, asserting that N.Chandrababu Naidu was the primary figure implicated in the AP FibreNet scam, a matter that Jagan Mohan Reddy had addressed during his time as the opposition leader in 2016.

Additionally, YSRCP legislators directed their questions to Naidu’s wife, Bhuvaneswari, regarding the origin of the family’s substantial wealth, citing that Naidu had “only two acres of land” at the time of their marriage.

During a brief discussion within the state assembly, the ruling party alleged that Naidu and his associates had misappropriated Rs. 114 crore in public funds in connection with the FiberNet scam.

MLA Abbaya Chowdary initiated the conversation on corruption, labeling the “Chandrababu skill scam” as the central issue among all scams. He claimed that Nara Lokesh, Naidu’s son, had expertise in fraudulent activities and deception.

Industries Minister Gudivada Amarnath recalled Jagan Mohan Reddy’s warning about the Fibrenet Scam in 2016 when he served as the opposition leader. Amarnath played a video clip from that time, showcasing Jagan’s allegations regarding the FiberNet deal.

Amarnath emphasized that this scandal was not new and that it had been previously brought to attention. YSRCP presented the question of how Naidu and his family had amassed such substantial wealth over the years.

Amarnath raised the issue of the rapid increase in Bhuvaneswari’s company’s value and questioned the total worth of all the other businesses and enterprises owned by the Naidu family.

He suggested that the significant wealth might be linked to funds allegedly taken from the public over the years. Amarnath concluded by asserting that Naidu was held accountable for misappropriating public funds and deceiving the people, resulting in his incarceration.

ysrc questions bhuvaneswari on the source of naidu's considerable wealth
YSRC Questions Bhuvaneswari on the Source of Naidu's Considerable Wealth

Amarnath further criticized the TD government for granting funds before receiving an evaluation report from the Central Institute of Tool Design (CITD) on software in the AP skills development scam. He characterized the 90:10 agreement as a deceptive tactic used by Naidu to embezzle public funds.

In summary, the skills development scam and the Fibrenet Scam were presented as noteworthy examples of how public funds were allegedly misappropriated during the Telugu Desam Party’s tenure.

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