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HomelatestIs YSRCP Secretly Following Janasena Strategies?

Is YSRCP Secretly Following Janasena Strategies?

Ysrcp Following Janasena Strategies

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The Opposition party YSRCP Supreme Jagan Mohan Reddy is busy touring the entire AP in the name of Padha Yatra. Analysts who are closely observing the recent developments of this party conclude a strange yet interesting thing.According to these Political analysts, the YSRCP and its head are following the same strategies of Janasena these days. They back their claims by stating many examples from naming the Stage to people’s march for Special Category Status. Many didn’t believe when some hardcore followers of Janasena alleged that YSRCP is copying the moves of their party.

But if we observe closely, the claims of these analysts and Janasena followers are authentic. When the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan performed Ganga Pooja to start his Uttarandhra tour, now Jagan is performing the Godavari Pooja in East Godavari district. Not just this, when Pawan Kalyan for the first time in recent politics named the stages of his speeches in Anantapur with local leaders, Jagan repeated the same in his North AP’s completed tour. Also, Pawan who called for one lakh youth march as a protest against the BJP for not giving a Special Status.

YSRCP is now implementing the same in its Padha Yatra. It is quite astonishing that intentionally or to copy a successful strategy, YSRCP for real is following the path of Janasena.Jagan with a mission of dethroning Babu and becoming CM is continuing his tour in the Godavari districts whereas Janasenani took a small break for Ramadan as a maximum of his personal security belongs to Muslims. He will continue his tour from the upcoming Monday in Vizag district.

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