Tuesday, September 27, 2022
HomelatestYSRCP leaders Demand A CBI/NIA/Judicial Inquiry

YSRCP leaders Demand A CBI/NIA/Judicial Inquiry

After the attack on Jagan at Vishaka airport, he has neither given a press meet nor released any statement regarding the incident.

Instead, he even let the SIT

The YSRCP chief who has stated that he has no belief in Andhra Pradesh police department after he discharged from the hospital, has been followed by his party members as well but this time not in A.P but in the Nation’s capital Delhi. The YSRCP M.P’s have organized a press meet in Delhi and stated that they don’t trust the police department in A.P and hence they want a CBI or NIA or a Judicial inquiry to punish the culprits behind this attack in a transparent manner.



They have also made severe allegations on the state DGP saying that he was biased towards CBN and mislead the people by convincing them that it was a small incident. They also made a point that the culprit Srinivasa Rao has also been involved in another criminal case in 2017 as per the remand report of the police. Whatever, the M.P’s of YSRCP have once again stated their disbelief on A.P government and made it clear that the ruling party is behind this conspiracy.

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