Zoom app comes up with Zoom Team Chat name


Zoom, which is used for video conferences for meetings in such areas as job fields for client meetings, online study classes for students as well as job holders, etc,  has changed its name to Zoom Team Chat instead of Zoom Chat to improve its services for teamwork, even if competitors are providing better futures than this.

Many more investments have been spent on Zoom Team Chat’s abilities, It may reveal more futures and other improvements in the coming month, Zoom said.

“To gather whole places, devices, and meetings, Our virtual platform will bring you to the place and make easy to work than other modes. The main success key point of our platform is team meetings,” the company told in the blog post.

“We are calling it Zoom Chats till now. So we have changed it to Zoom Team Chat officially, to the user in the future assistance and for more future and enhancement of the teamwork and meetings,” it said in that.

The company said Team Chat extends beyond instant messaging. It is a powerful collaboration hub that leverages 1:1 and group chats and channels to integrate workstreams, keep projects on track, and connect stakeholders.

Team Chat will help you in sharing files between two clients, collaborating with colleagues virtually, and voice messages send within the same platform, and simply accessing with others in the form of virtual.

If you want to go for the live or chat and communicate between the two devices such as a cell phone via whiteboard, you can click the button on the right side of the Zoom Team Chat. Company said.

Additionally, Team Chat is a valuable external communication tool. It provides a seamless and secure communication experience for external contacts, including consultants, vendors, clients, and more. A notice in the chat or channel “compose” message box even identifies when an external user is present.

“We will continue to evolve other areas of our portfolio to meet your current and emerging demands. We have introduced three new products this year alone to elevate visual collaboration, enhance the customer experience, and improve sales motions,” the platform said.


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