10 Year Old Boy’s Extraordinary Donation For Kerala @Narayana Olympiad School


“To do a great work, age does not matter” Master Rahul Karthik proves that. We believe that children like as gods. Maybe its really true. Why because a 10-year-old boy donated his kitty bank savings for Kerala people. He is name Rahul Karthik and studying 6th class at Narayana Olympiad School in Mogappair, Tamilnadu. This warm-hearted small boy’s donation makes Kerala CM meet that noble kid. Initially, his parents have informed to relief fund organizers about their child’s donation so unexpectedly, the news reached to Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan. Therefore, the CM wanted to meet that boy. So, master Rahul Karthik along with his parents met Kerala CM and handed over the savings.

Narayana-Group kid

Really, this is not a small thing that a kid donates his savings for a good cause. Actually, at that age majority kids don’t show much interest in this issues. But, some children like Rahul Karthik does it only because of a healthy environment around us. A healthy environment means that the children getting values from their parents and teachers. A good family and a proper educational system only can give that values to the children. So, being human hats off to Rahul Karthick and his guides.

Narayana school student


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