Tamil Bigg Boss Show Is In Troubles


100 Crores Defamation Suit to Tamil Bigg Boss Show

100 Crores Defamation Suit to Tamil Bigg Boss Show: Since the day Tamil ‘Bigg Boss’ show started criticism were flooding on the show. The show is running by disrespecting the Tamil culture and some more people are criticizing as hurting the Hindu system. Even in Tamilnadu, the police case filed on this show. And even the discussion raised as Kamal Hassan will get arrested. But Kamal didn’t get worry and doing his work as the Host to the ‘Bigg Boss’ show. Recently, Tamijagam party filed a case on this show.

The case filed for 100 crores on the ‘Bigg Boss’ host Kamal Hassan, organizers, the participant choreographer Gayatri Raghuraman. In the show, Gayatri commented on one of the participant that his behavior is from dirty class streets. These comment is disrespecting the dirty class street living style. The Tamijagam party gave a defamation suit she doesn’t have any rights to talk about someone like that. So let’s see how Tamil ‘Bigg Boss’ show will react to this…

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