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Bahubali Set Rent to Prabhu Deva Gulebakavali Movie

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Bahubali Set Rent to Prabhu Deva Gulebakavali Movie: Apart from the history of Telugu cinema, ‘Bahubali’ is the last longest in Indian film history which got all success and craze. It is known that for the ‘Bahubali’ film they invested crores to form the sets in Ramoji Film City. The settings have been placed as well after the movie was finished. In general, if a film is completed the the settings in Ramoji Film City will be removed. But the Film City operators kept it in order to utilize the craze for the Mahishmathi Kingdom setting. By form a contract with the film unit members they are continuing.

Ramoji Film City decided to give that setting for rent to other movies. Currently, in those settings, ‘Gulebakavali’ Tamil movie shooting is going on. As the sources say that in this movie some historically based scenes are shooting with Hansika, Prabhu Deva in Kalyan’s direction. Where Prabhu Deva is looking unique in this movie. The expectations increase for ‘Gulebakavali’ because of the leading actress Revathi in a lead role. The film is being screening in accordance with the expectations. With film once again all are going to see Mahishmathi City on the silver screen.

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