Reports says, $100K theft in Apple Store in US


Following media reports, burglars in the US took over $100,000 (approximately Rs 83,25,000) worth of Apple items from the Apple Store last week.

Five people broke into the Apple Store on Burlingame Avenue in California early on October 24 and took many unidentified Apple products, according to Kron4.

The five suspects allegedly stole the merchandise and then drove off in a grey BMW X5 SUV without a license plate, according to the Burlingame Police Department.

Neither staff members nor security guards suffered any injuries during the event.

Although the BMW was ultimately found by the authorities, they were unable to stop it, and the culprits remained at free, according to the article.

A group of masked individuals broke into an Apple shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, last month and took off with a variety of the newest merchandise, including iPads and iPhone 15s.

Videos of the event went viral, showing police trying to arrest Halloween-mask wearing looters as they destroyed the businesses.

The Daily Mail claims that on September 26, at about eight o’clock in the evening, an attack occurred at the Apple Store. As police pursued the looters, they also found dropped iPhones and a “pile of iPads” at one spot.

Before the police arrived, the more than a hundred masked looters also targeted adjacent establishments.


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