14reels new movie

14reels new movie

14reels new movie

The production house 14reels which gave continuous block buster to Mahesh and later equally gave flop to him has now stuck to small movies. This banner is moving only to the small movies. Recently the movie Lie which is under 14reels production is a huge flop. The movie is up with more than 40crores budget according to the sources. But, the film failed to gain even the minimum profits. Everyone from the very beginning wonder about production investing huge budget n small hero Nithin. Now, 14reels new movie with Vijay Devarakonda and sharwanandh is the latest news.

For the movie Lie, everyone expected the movie not to do soo good with its profits. the results of the movie are expected. Now, 14reels is back with their new projects. In spite of huge loses with their films, 14reels is to produce two news movies for Vijay Devarakonda and Sarwanandh. According to the reports, The production house has given a huge amount for Vijay Devarakonda for this movie. It is to see how these movies turn.

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