Netizens comments on Priyanka Chopra dress

Priyanka Chopra dress in Emme awards

Priyanka Chopra dress in Emme awards

Global star Priyanka Chopra nailed the Emmy awards event with her own sense of fashion. This has been the hot topic in social media now. While some of them were awestruck with her look, the critics didn’t feel the same. This is the first time all the Indians had a look over this event as Priyanka Chopra is going to attend the event. Actress Priyanka Chopra is now busy with her Hollywood career. Priyanka Chopra dazzled on the red carpet in a Red costume made Balmain mermaid dress at the 69th primetime Emmy awards in Los Angeles. With her hair done in a ponytail, she opted for berry lips. Priyanka Chopra dress in Emme awards is the highlight of the show.

All the pictures of Priyanka Chopra are going viral on social media. She is the best-dressed actress in the Emmy awards says some her fans while some of them were mesmerized with her stunning attire. As the coin has two sides, this topic has also got the critics. Furthermore, Not everyone loves her look. Some of them compare the dress to a shiny mattress and some of them say she looks like an escaped snow leopard. One of the critics commented saying that is she promoting swatch Bharat. Some of them also say that she looks likes a big vulture. Whatever it may be Priyanka Chopra grabbed all the attention in the event.

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