15th Century AD Stone Inscription found in Vijayawada!


15th Century AD Stone Inscription found in Vijayawada!

The current state of Andhra Pradesh had a significant history from the very beginning. Greatest warriors of the ancient Indian have taken birth on this land. In a recent expedition, carried out by Dr. Sivanagi Reddy, a 15th-century inscription of the Gajapati King Kumara Hamvira at Enikepadu village near Vijayawada on Tuesday, 31st October of 2017.

The stone that featured the inscription was found to be in a much-neglected state at Enikepadu, a village which is a part of the Vijayawada Metropolitan area. The survey was carried out as a part of the ‘Preserve Heritage for Posterity’ scheme launched by the ‘Cultural Centre of Vijayawada & Amaravati (CCVA)’. This inscription was found in an abandoned state on the street behind the Ramalayam of the village at a distance of five meters from the National Highway. On further analysis and study, the survey team concluded that the inscriptions were featuring, the gifting of Venekepadu village to God Rajanarayana Temple (in Bezawada), by Kulothunga Rajendra Choda in the 1274 AD.

Another inscription on the stone mentions about Kumara Hamvira Deva Mahapatrulu (grandson of Kapileswara Gajapati) gifting the same Venekepadu village towards the temple services and Kesarapalli Village to the temple’s musicians, priests and others who served.It is quite evident with the inscriptions dating back to 1460 AD that the term ‘Bezawada’ was existing from centuries, and Venekepadu is identified as Enikepadu in the modern-day.

‘The stone (having the inscription) was initially present in the Rama Temple itself. In order to facilitate the construction of the Kalyana Mandapa, the stone was shifted to its current place 15 years ago,’ stated Trustee, Rachamallu Purnachandra Rao, and Priest, Acharya Agnihotram Venkata Maruti Rama of the Rama Temple.

Dr. Reddyimplored Archaeology, Museums and Endowments departments to protect the rich cultural heritage and inscriptions of historical importance for the future generation to learn from.

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