Cultivation of Organic Ganja shocked Taskforce


Cultivation of Organic Ganja shocked Taskforce

After the task force authorities raided few regions in Chinthapalli Agency, Vishakhapatnam district, they were shocked to see the cultivation of Ganjai using organic methods. With the governments encouraging and promoting the idea of organic cultivation of crops using manure and other natural ways, without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the tribal in the agencies of Visakhapatnam have taken the motto even for the cultivation of ganja.

The government has decided to stop the widespread cultivation of Ganja in the agency regions of Vishakhapatnam. On these lines, the special taskforce department has raided the agency regions last month and found out that the cultivation of Ganjai is on a larger scale than previously thought. As a part of the program, the taskforce officials along with local police, revenue officers, agriculture officials, forest officials and excise department officials from various districts have carried out busts once again.

cultivation of organic ganja shocked taskforceThe officials identified Mallavaram, Kandalagadi, Gadaparaadi and surrounding villages which have been cultivating Ganjai, and carried out attacks in the morning hours.

Around each plant, a small pit was dug and filled with manure and sufficient water. This manure has been providing rich nutrients that aided in the growth of the Ganja plant. The government officials were shocked after finding the dedication with which the tribal and local communities are cultivating this banned plant in the agencies.

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