2 MLAs disqualified and 11 suspended: T-Government’s Power

2 MLAs Disqualified and 11 suspended In T-Government

2 MLAs Disqualified and 11 suspended In T-Government

Posted March 13, 2018, 3:40 pm at 15:40

Right from the point of time when the TRS Party formed Government in Telangana, it has been showing what it can do with Power in hand. In the ongoing budget sessions, it made headlines by taking drastic decisions on Opposition MLAs.

The Telangana CM KCR made it super clear tons of times that his house shall not spare any anti-discipline elements. He has shown each and every member of the Assembly by suspending some MLAs of T-TDP and TPCC every now and then who tried to interrupt important speeches. Former T-TDP floor leader Revanth got highest suspensions in the history of Telangana Assembly. But in the recent budget sessions of 2018, KCR warned its Opposition to maintain decency in the house or else strict actions will be taken. Despite his warning, the Opposition party Congress disrupted Speaker’s and Governor’s speech many times.

Thus he has passed the disqualification move on two T-Congress MLAs Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Sampath along with the approval of the house. Also, he made the speaker to suspend 11 Congress MLAs including its head Jana Reddy and President Uttam Kumar Reddy etc. The suspended MLAs continued their protest outside the Assembly but KCR continued the house’s proceedings in order to complete planned sessions.

Suspended MLAs can come back to the house very soon but the disqualified MLAs has no rights or power to enter the Assembly. Bi-elections will be planned and implemented in the constituencies of disqualified members in the places Nalgonda and Alamuru.

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