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Homelatest27 Passengers Burnt Alive In Bihar!

27 Passengers Burnt Alive In Bihar!

27 Burnt Alive As Fire Breaks Out In Bus After Accident

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In a shocking incident that took place in Mothihari region in Bihar, more than 27 passengers traveling in a bus were burnt alive in an accident. The accident took place today afternoon.

The bus lost control and toppled on the road. As soon as it toppled, it caught fire, and within the span of minutes the fire completely engulfed the entire bus. Though the locals tried to do their best, they failed due to the extreme heat, and violent flares. Emergency services along with Fire Engines, police department and medical teams have reached the location immediately upon receiving the information.

Most of the individuals who survived the fire have faced severe burns and were admitted to the local hospital. While others were transferred to other hospitals after giving them the first aid. The reason for the bus to catch fire is yet to be known.

The police department has already started the investigation. Bihar political leaders have expressed their grief, and extended their condolences towards the families of the deceased, and injured. The Bihar State Government is yet to announce ex gratia.

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