Pawan Kalyan Calls For ‘Public Punishment’

Pawan Kalyan Calls For Severe Punishment

Pawan Kalyan Calls For Public Punishment

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Expressing his grief, and sorrow over the recent incident in Dachepalli, that made headlines in all tabloids, and news channels, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has come in support of ‘public punishment’.

In his latest tweet, Pawan Kalyan said that ‘Sexual assaults that are taking place from Kathuva to Kanyakumari. The incident in Dachepalli has bothered me deep in my heart and put me in a state of helplessness. I kindly request the police department and the government to be the pillar of the strength of the victim and her family. It feels like public punishment is the only way of instilling fear in them’.

Many feel that Pawan Kalyan needs to be among the public more often than not. ‘By sticking to Twitter, there is hardly he can do anything. He might be able to create awareness and increase his followers, but nothing else can be done.We hope that Pawan Kalyan comes into public more frequently, and fight on behalf of the common man’, said a Twitter user.

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