CLP’s MLCs Got Merged With TRS Officially


Post the Earth-shattering win of TRS in the snap polls, now the MPs and MLAs are of Praja Kutami are showing their interest to shift their loyalties. The other day, the Congress Party Legislative Party along with its four MLCs joined TRS officially.Proving the rumours as true, the four Congress Legislative Party Council Members Akula Lalitha, MS Prabhakar Rao, T Santosh Kumar, and K Damodar Reddy joined the Pink camp in the presence of the CLP Telangana Chairman K Swamy Goud. None other than Swamy Goud declared that their MLCs are now officially merged with the TRS and hence they can be called as TRS MLCs from now onwards.

Backing his approval of CLP MLCs as TRS MLCs, Goud stated that the 10th Schedule of Indian Constitution is the base for this declaration. Meanwhile, the TPCC bigwigs like Shabbir Ali and Uttam Kumar Reddy are quite astonished for not even intimating them before such decisions of MLCs. They claim that those 4 defected MLCs have no right to form meeting without consulting their heads.However, in reality, these four MLCs who entered the TRS party would be disqualified as the Pink camp has already 32 MLCs under its kitty. Despite any advantage to the TRS, it can make Congress have absolutely zero MLCs under its name.


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