5 Crore FB users’ data stolen! Mark Zuckerberg loses Rs 37,900 crores!


50 million FB users’ data stolen by a Trump-affiliated firm

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Facebook stock price collapsed by 8.3% after in the wake of the Russian disinformation scandal. According to highly placed sources, the Facebook stock took the blow after it New York Times exposed Cambridge Analytica harvested the data of over 5 crores (50 million) Facebook users, without their permission.With the 7% dip in Facebook’s stock price during the day, and a slid of 1.3% after the bell, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg net worth slipped by Rs 37,900 crores (or $5.81 Bn) in one day.

Cambridge Analytica harvested the user’s information through a simple app. The whole thing is believed to be controlled by Russian hackers. Rumours surfaced that, Facebook Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos Moran has left the company in the wake of this scandal.

But he confirmed that he has not left the company, but instead his role is changed. ‘I’m currently spending more time exploring security, risks and working on election security’, tweeted Alex Stamos.

The whole scandal was leaked by a whistleblower from Cambridge Analytica. New York Times claimed, the leaked data helped Donald Trump’s 2016 US Presidential Elections digital campaigning.

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