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The 500-crore budget ‘Ramayanam’ movie updates!

500-crore budget Ram Charan ‘Ramayanam’ movie updates

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With the humongous success of Baahubali movie, the Indian film industry realized that there is a great market for mythological films. Hence, three large productions houses came forward for producing the film ‘Ramayanam’. Star producers Allu Aravind, Namith Malhotra, and Madhu Mantena announced last year that they would produce the ‘Ramayanam’ movie jointly. The script work for the film is still underway. For people who are eagerly waiting for the update on the movie, here is a good news.

During the recent Investors conference conducted in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, the topic of ‘Ramayanam’ movie came on to the picture. The UP Govt. has officially made a MoU with the film’s production unit in this context. What’s more surprising is that the UP Govt. will also take part in the joint production of the movie.

Close sources confirmed that the Up Government will be giving many rebates and

special permissions for the film. With everything looking positive, the film circles are expecting that the film’s shooting is likely to commence from this year ending.The film will be made in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam and Hindi languages.

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