67 craftsmen worked for 32 days to stitch Anushka Sharma’s Wedding Lehenga

Anushka Sharma’s Wedding Lehenga

Anushka Sharma’s Wedding Lehenga

Posted December 13, 2017, 5:13 pm at 17:13

The whole nation is going gaga over Anushka Sharma – Virat Kohli wedding. Exciting news and information about the much-celebrated wedding event are surfacing every day. In this context, famous fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has revealed some exciting details about the wedding dress of Anushka Sharma.Anushka Sharma’s Wedding Lehenga

Speaking at an event, Sabyasachi Mukherjee said, ‘over 67 craftsmen worked for 32 days to come with the wedding apparel of the couple. We used Vintage – English coloured Silver-Gold metal thread on the pink Lehenga for the hand-made embroidery. Valuables like Pearls and Gems were used in the embroidery. For Anushka’s jewellery, we had used un-cut diamonds.’

Speaking of Virat’s clothing, ‘The Vintage Banaras Pattern on Virat’s Ivory Silk Sherwani was handcrafted,’ said Sabyasachi. But the designer did not make any mention of the price he charged for the apparel.Anushka Sharma’s Wedding Lehenga

The Virat – Anushka marriage took place on 11th December in Milan, Italy as a private event. The newly wedded couple have planned for grand reception on 21st December in Delhi and on 26th December in Mumbai.

Post the reception events, Virat will join Team India in South Africa. Anushka Sharma will also be joining Virat in South Africa.

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