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Kathi Mahesh comments on Baahubali – I can make better film than Baahubali

Kathi Mahesh comments on Baahubali  

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Kathi Mahesh, a film critic (self-claimed), became popular after attacking Pawan Kalyan on electronic and social media. Soon, the film critic transformed into a political analyst, and further continued his attack on Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party. Kathi Mahesh comments on Baahubali further made him the hot topic of T-Town.

During a web interview, Kathi Mahesh claimed that he could come up with a better story, and a better film than Baahubali. ‘If someone can come up with Rs. 150 crores as budget, I can direct a better film, with a better story than Baahubali. I don’t understand why it was awarded a national award. People calling it as ‘pride of Telugu people’ really shocked me’, said Kathi Mahesh in his interview.

The film critic recently made some comments on Balakrishna too. He later took the second stance, after Nandamuri fans came hard at him on social media. Nevertheless, after becoming a feed for electronic media, Kathi Mahesh turns to web media to promote and popularize himself more than ever.

He further lashed out at ‘Jabardasth’ comedy show. Kathi Mahesh questioned the impact of Jabardasth on the public.

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