Sahoo Team To Spend Rs 90 Crores In 60 Days!

90 Crore Action Sequence For Prabhas Saaho Movie

90 Crore Action Sequence For Prabhas Saaho Movie

Posted May 4, 2018, 1:07 pm at 13:07

Don’t worry. You are not being introduced to any kind of challenge similar to what Rajinikanth has faced in the movie Arunachalam. In fact, the Sahoo production team has estimated that Rs 90 crores would be spent over a period of 60 days, just to shoot the action sequences for the film.

Yes, you read it right. The ‘Rebel Star’ Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor starred is being directed by Sujeeth, who directed ‘Run Raja Run’ as his debut movie. It is already known that the Sahoo team is in UAE to film high-octane action sequences, which are being touted as the highlight of the film.

Meanwhile, the latest news from the film’s unit is that they will be spending Rs 90 crores only on the chasing scenes. ‘We want the movie to be on par with Hollywood. These chasing sequences will be playing a vital role in the movie. That is the reason we are ready to spend such a huge amount’, said close sources to UV Creations, which is bankrolling the film. These chasing sequences will be shot over 60 days. The overall budget of the movie has escalated from Rs 200 crores to Rs 300 crores. Sahoo will be released in all South Indian languages, and in Hindi too.  

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