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A rare tribute to Anchor Suma in America

Chicago,16 March, (Telugu Bullet): On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Tri-State Telugu Association (TTA) in Chicago organized an event in America called ‘Sumato Sandadi’ with anchor Suma Kanaka. The event was organized with women from all over America. On this occasion, TTA President Aparna Ayyalaraju inaugurated the program and explained the future plans of the organization. The event, which was attended by over two hundred people, also showed the women being very creative in their words, songs and hands. During the three-hour ‘Noise with Suma’, the competition program called Questions-Answers was anchored by Anchor Suma with her own style and timeliness.

On this occasion, the Tri-State Association on behalf of the Telugu people honored Suma with the title of ‘All Artist’. While entertainment is one of the sixty-four arts, it is an honor to give this title to Suma, who exhibits sixty-four arts in entertainment, said Pranati Kaligotla, coordinator of the organization. At the end, she thanked Ravi Vemur, Radhika Garimella, Rajendra Reddy, Dilip Rayalapudi, Ramakrishna Korrapolu and 13-year-old Vemur Rishi Karthik for making the event a success.

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