A UK Subway store serves ‘thrown’ food to customers!


A UK Subway store serves ‘thrown’ food to customers!

In a recent video that went viral, a Subway Manager in the Central Park Subway, located in Warwickshire has been heard, ‘we are already short of bread’. He later took the bread from the BIN and put it on the trolley. The contaminated bread was then pushed to the shop floor, ready to be served again.

The video was shot by a responsible employee earlier this year and became viral once it was posted on online. The local food authorities inspected the alleged Subway Restaurant and found that there were a lot of hygiene concerns at the premises.

a uk subway store serves ‘thrown’ food to customersPost the inspection, the Food Authorities have sent a letter of warning to the Subway store and also stated that the store will be re-graded as per the Food Standard Agency’s code of practice. ‘A further inspection will be carried out at the store to check whether the raised hygienic concerns were addressed and the Food Standard Agency’s standards are met’ said an official.

Interestingly, the store’s spokesperson said ‘we are highly disappointed with the rating given the Health officers and will challenge it.’ 

NRIs residing in the US and UK are busy complaining about customer service they experience in India, this Subway Restaurant in the UK rightly teaches how to ‘satisfy’ the customer.

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