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HomelatestRevanth’s stay in Congress, certainly a gamble!

Revanth’s stay in Congress, certainly a gamble!

Revanth’s stay in Congress, certainly a gamble!

Even before Revanth Reddy has officially joined Congress, the leaders of the party have already started nagging about him in 10, Janpath (Sonia’s residency). Revanth a soft corner towards hi ex-boss Chandrababu Naidu is irking Telangana Congress leaders.

TDP has been with Revanth in all his high and lows. Being a very outspoken member of the party, Revanth did fall into trouble more than once. Even at those times, he was always backed by the party members and Chandrababu. With the change of estates, from TDP to Congress, the path ahead of him is nothing short of a gamble. While internal politics in TDP are known, the intensity of internal politics within Congress is unknown.

Revanth’s stay in Congress, certainly a gamble‘You shall know the depth of the pond, only when you get into it,’ aptly suits Congress. On the outset, Congress with its national presence might seem as a large estate for Revanth Reddy to explore and establish. But with the vastness are also present threats and dangers from established political leaders throughout the nation.

After enjoying a pleasant time, and unanimous support while in TDP, it would be really challenging for a person of his nature to be a part of a political party that is often dictated from 10, Janpath alone.

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