A Woman Chops Off Husband’s Genitals


An angry woman chops off her husband’s genitals. This incident has happened in Mumbai last Wednesday. The relatives of man have filed the case in the police station against the first wife. The man was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

The story behind this is the man and his first wife haven’t children because of this reason he has married second time with the consent of his first wife. Though, he has gotten news about his second wife’s delivery. He has gone to the hospital and she gave birth to a baby. After this, he has taken her second wife to the house where his second wife lives. So, he spent some time with his second wife in that condition for her. So, by this, his first wife has angered and chopped his genitals.

Recently, 23 years old woman allegedly killed her husband with her paramour. the dead body was found at the outskirts of Ahmedabad on Monday. So, she fed up with her husband’s drinking habit and daily harassment. So, she plans to kill him and killed with help of her cousin, with whom she has an illicit relation. Finally, Police has taken them both into the custody.

What the hell it is going… Some are rape incidents against small children and raping for no.of days against teenage girls. Somewhere wife kills her husband with her adulterer. These conditions are too worst and irritating.


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