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Hero Dhanush In RX 100…!

RX 100 once again into the news. So, this time it is Tamil case news. Fortunately, a well-known hero Dhanush has watched the RX 100. So, the speculations are Dhanush wants to do this film in Tamil version and he has already consult RX 100 film director Ajay Bhupathi. Actually, Dhanush was acted in this type of love genre films in the past. Now, there are chances to do it. We know that, recently, the biggest production house Phantom Films has consulted Ajay Bhupathi and to make it Hindi.

director Ajay Bhupathi

If its takeover by Dhanush, the director Ajay Bhupathi have a chance prove him again. Now, Dhanush has a huge fan following and he is a notable actor in Indian cinema. Then, Ajay will get the identity and get chances in future also. Fortunately, if these remake versions will happen, then Ajay career will be gone to peak levels. Anyway, after shows also producer gets profits in the form of remake versions.

rx 100 movie review

Sometimes, small movies also give great impact. Sairat, Arjun Reddy, now RX 100 are small budget films but the content in the films makes them popular and its actors, directors, and producers also. In the Film industry, the main important thing is IDENTITY. If it occurs, it produces chances to prove ourselves and makes a path to create chances again and again.

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