Rx 100 Movie Review in Telugu

Rx 100 Movie Review

Cast: Karthikeya Gummadikonda, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh, Ramki etc.

Music: Chaitan Bharadwaj.

Producer: Ashok Reddy Gummikonda

Director: Ajay Bhupathi.

Rx 100 Movie Review & Introduction:

New maker Ajay Bhupathi is trying his luck a director after working under big directors like Ram Gopal Varma with RX-100 introducing Karthikeya and Payal. All the released posters, promos, video bytes, teaser and trailer, bold content and promotions brought huge hype to the flick. The team in their promotional interviews added more spice by asking the audience not to watch their flick if they love entertaining movies. Already the season of small budget movies is a trending thing in the Tollywood. Different flicks and interesting promotions are grabbing the eye balls of the viewers these days. Each viewer is rather going to these kind of small flicks than the huge budget movies and big heroes flicks. Pelli Choopulu, Nedhi Nadhi Oke Kadha, Arjun Reddy etc are some classic examples of this trend. Especially flicks like Arjun Reddy which has bold content is seeing some success at the box office. Likewise, RX-100 too is coming with such bold content making the youth go gaga over the promos is releasing today with huge pre-release hype. To know whether this flick achieved its target or not, first, we have to dwell on the story.


The male lead Siva ( Karthikeya) loses his parents in his childhood and Daddy ( Ramki ) raises him with love, care and affection. Siva after becoming an adult helps his father at home and leads a common youth life happily. He falls in love with Indu ( Payal Rajput) who is the daughter of that town’s rich landlord cum ZPTC ( Rao Ramesh). Knowing the fact that the ZPTC has issues with Daddy, Siva becomes more close to Indu. One fine day, Indu discloses her love matter to her dad Viswanatham but somehow ends up marrying an NRI for the sake of her father. Siva comes to know about this matter and with pain, he waits to seek the revenge on Viswanatham for troubling his father and breaking his love. He destroys all the properties of Viswanatham and beats his hand thereby becoming a psycho listening to no one. In this regard, will Indu comes to her town, will they fall back in love or not, the reason for her to marry some other and the real culprit behind her marriage will be known by watching the movie on screen.

Tollywood which has been sailing with time tested formula based routine entertainers is changing its path in recent times with the flicks like Pelli Choopulu, Arjun Reddy etc. in general, all the love stories be like hero loves a girl but the father of the heroine doesn’t agree for the marriage. So the hero would have the revenge and wins the girl to conclude the flick. This is the most common pattern of any love story these days. But the flick RX-100 is entirely different from such format. The way the director Ajay showcased the love story and the hurdles he faces to win his love is impeccable. He went on par to Ram Gopal varma in showcasing both romance, bold scenes and violence to the core.

One would get a feeling that how could the Censor board allowed such bold content, romance, and violence to let stay in the final copy. Flashback deals with the fact how a youthful guy like Siva turns such violent later. The entrance of heroin itself is very bold such that the youth would sit on the seats watching her entry. Liplocks seats would increase the heat and go with family is not advisable for the readers. The first half seems like any other normal love story but the second half is thrilling. Especially the scenes from the pre-climax, twist and the climax are the heart of the flick. On a whole, the second half is the savior of this movie.

Hero Karthikeya impressed being a debuting actor. He has the personality and looks of a movie hero. The Siva character appeared like a tailor made for him. However, he should work on some departments like dialogue delivery, subtle expressions etc. Coming to the actress, Payal who is coming from the Hindi serials showcased her acting skills. She lived in the character when it comes to the romantic scenes. Actors like Rao Ramesh and Ramki did complete justice to their roles. Camera work, the background music is brilliant and helped the movie. Songs are ok but the romantic content in the visuals saved the songs. Director reveals that the movie is based on a real story with the original photo of Siva at the ending. Viewer would get out of the theatre thinking about the real Siva in the happened original story. All in all, portraying the actress in negative shades and bold content limit the family audience to their homes. But the movie will definitely impress the entire Youth.

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: A pathbreaking love story.

Telugu Bullet Rating: 3/ 5


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