“Aatagallu” Are Ready To Play On 24th August

“Aatagallu” Are Ready To Play On 24th August
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He is a lawyer, who is he? He is a director, who is he? The lawyer is Jagapathi Babu and the director is Nara Rohit. These two players are coming to play. Are they enemies or friends? The trailer projects them as enemies. If they are players then what is the game? The game we should watch on the big screen on 24th August. Nara Rohith, Jagapathi Babu, and Darshana Banik are the lead roles of the film. Brahmanandam also appeared in the trailer and in recent years he didn’t do more films. He did only 4 films in 2017 and now 2018, he did 7 films up to now.And, heroine Darshana Banik makes her debut in Telugu with this film. Director of this film is Paruchuri Murali and his previous movies are Nee Sneham, Andhrudu, Rechipo, Adhinayakudu. But, he didn’t get solid hits at the box office. Though, Nee Sneham and Andhrudu got good reviews at that time. Although, Sai Karthik once again working for Rohit film. Now, Nara Rohit is a brand ambassador for the different films in Telugu film industry. Majorly, he brings up new stories. And, Aata Naade Veta Naade, Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu are his upcoming movies.Nara Rohith and Jagapathi Babu

As come to the trailer, the trailer was somewhat thrilling. The conversation between Rohit and Jagapathi Babu projects they are as villains but the last flick in the trailer confuses us because they are film shooting. Maybe is it all film shooting? The film in the background of the film industry and coming as a thriller. The fight between Director and Lawyer is interesting but the screenplay should excite the audiences. Finally, the film is coming on 24th August and let’s see the result…


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